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Learn How We’ve Used The Power Of AI Combined With A Dedicated Medical Intake Team To Generate Over 5000 NEC Cases Nationwide & Optimize $20 Million A Year in Ad Spend

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Surgery And/Or Death

Disclaimer: Past results are not indicative of future performance. Each campaign is unique and outcomes may vary.

Does this sound familiar?

Wasting Money on Non-Qualified Leads

Spending your budget on marketing that doesn’t convert.

Time-Consuming Lead Qualification

Sifting through non-viable leads and losing valuable time.

Complex Medical Review Processes

Struggling to handle detailed medical histories and diagnostics.

Inefficient Follow-Up

Missing out on potential clients due to lack of proper follow-up.

Want to be a Market-Leading Lawyer for NEC Cases?

If you want to know the best way to use AI to flood your firm with high-value NEC cases, then this will be one of the most exciting messages you’ll ever read.

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Over the past 24 months, our team has generated over 5,000 NEC cases, signed 15-20% of our leads, achieved a 60-75% confirmed diagnosis rate, with 60% of confirmed diagnoses resulting in surgery and/or death. Using our advanced AI systems, we’ve optimized case acquisition for numberous law firms, delivering unprecedented results.

And look, when you achieve these numbers – you learn a lot. About what works and what doesn’t. Not theoretically. Not from some online tutorial. But from real, battle-tested strategies that burn potential leads into lucrative cases.

You see, here’s how we think of investing in client acquisition: like seasoned litigators, we approach each lead with precision and expertise, ensuring they convert into high-value NEC cases for your firm.

Our Offering

Generate High-Quality NEC Leads

Lead Generation Service

Harness the power of AI and our Media Buying Team to attract and nurture high-quality NEC leads with our precision-targeted marketing solution. Perfect for law firms looking to boost their caseload efficiently and cost-effectively.

Comprehensive NEC Case Management

Full-Service Case Acquisition

Let our team of former NICU nurses and AI-driven systems handle every aspect of the intake and medical review in the NEC case acquisition process. From lead generation to detailed medical reviews, we ensure only the most viable cases reach your firm.

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Real-life case studies from law firms that have transformed their practice with our expertise.

This consultation isn’t a sales pitch. It’s a cornerstone for your future growth, packed with insights tailored to your firm’s unique needs. P.S. Every moment you wait, potential NEC cases could be slipping through your fingers. Let’s make sure they come to you.

All-In-One Solution

Here's How We Do It -
Step by Step

All-Inclusive Case Acquisition Service
Picture this: a seamless stream of high-quality NEC leads flowing into your firm without you lifting a finger. Our all-inclusive service handles everthing. We provide precision-targeted lead generation, AI-enhanced initial intake, and detailed medical reviews by NICU-trained nurses. Advanced tech like AI, digital e-sign documentation, API integrations, and real-time dashboards streamline the entire process for you.

Step 1: Creative Media Team

Ever seen an ad so compelling you couldn’t help but click? That’s what our Creative Media Team does. They build your campaign from the ground up, crafting persuasive copy, eye-catching graphic and video ads, and designing high-converting funnels specifically tailored to attract the highest quality NEC leads.

Step 2: Media Buying

Imagine only paying for ads that convert into signed clients. Our AI ad tracking system optimizes your ad spend, ensuring you secure the most qualified leads at the lowest cost. Our media buying experts target the right audience with precision, maximizing your return on investment.

Step 3: Lead Generation

Think of a steady stream of high-quality NEC leads sent directly to our Automated AI Follow-Up System. Our precision-targeted system captures these leads effortlessly.

Step 4: AI Automated Follow-Up

Persequi AI is like having a dedicated team member who never sleeps. Trained on thousands of NEC conversations by real NICU nurses, Persequi communicates with the sensitivity and expertise these cases require, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

Step 5: Medical Intake Team

Our intake and medical review team, comprised of former NICU nurses, brings unparalleled medical expertise to every call. They perform pre-diagnostics, take comprehensive medical histories, pull relevant medical records, and conduct thorough reviews to identify positive diagnoses and formula usage.

Step 6: Comprehensive Tracking & Analytics

Ever wish you had a crystal ball for your marketing campaigns? Our advanced sales and analytics capabilities provide full transparency and control with comprehensive campaign performance dashboards and detailed medical record dashboards, so you always know what’s happening in your account.

Step 7: Digital Documentation & Tech Integration

Tired of paperwork? Simplify your legal document management process with our seamless electronic documentation capabilities. Our technology team sets up APIs to transfer cases directly to your firm, ensuring efficient and secure data transfer.

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